Meditation - Love Thyself


On Valentine’s day, lets dedicate and honour ourselves by loving ourselves. Self-love is more important than loving others. It is only when we love ourselves that we can love others truly.

Embracing all aspect of love – self-love, interpersonal love, love for humanity, animals, plants, minerals. The love that begins in loving ourselves as we are, with our faults, weaknesses, strengths and mediocracies. Expanding to loving the ones dear to us and those that are not. The challenge is in loving those that hurt us. Yet, love heals and love is so encompassing.

A meditation on healing and nurturing the heart. Sound therapy with focus on the heart and higher heart chakras to help us step into the vibration of divine love and acceptance. Divine love is the beautiful energy of joy and celebration. Joy is the ability to open our heart and truly receive the Love of the Divine Source, whatever form this Love may take at any given time. Sometimes the Love of the Divine will appear as a gift in physical form. At other times it will come as a deep and certain knowing in your heart that you are never alone and always loved.

The Love of the Divine manifest in every moment and in everything, for this is the energy underlying all of creation. If one can simply open to receive Divine Love consciously and fully, complete healing on all levels can be realized.

By Kalpana @ The Healing Space
(Phone Credit: Photo by Mike Castro Demaria on Un)

Wed Feb 14, 2018
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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